LE CRENEAU INDUSTRIEL has been developing innovative machining solutions combining machines and processes since its foundation in 1978 in Annecy (France).

For the last fifteen years, the company has focused on niches in the aeronautical sector for which it has designed highly differentiated solutions. Their success with major aeronautical stakeholders, particularly in the USA and Asia, has resulted in a high level of export penetration.

Going above and beyond our expertise in highly accurate robust, multi-axis machines (3 axes, 5 axes or more) dedicated to "soft" materials such as aluminium or composites, we have also developed innovative processes, particularly for:

  • Trimming aluminium sheets (or steel or titanium),
  • Acoustic drilling of composite nacelles,
  • Machining and ultrasonic cutting of various types of honeycomb structures,
  • Drilling satellite panels.

Innovation is central to the LE CRENEAU INDUSTRIEL strategy. Each year we invest a significant share of our turnover in developing technologies adapted to the needs of our customers. Since 2015 we have been working closely with partners such as Stäubli, Siemens and Précise France to develop precision machining solutions in robots to supplement our machine-tool offers.

Depending on the application, we offer the possibility of performing these processes not only on multi axis machines, but also using robotic solutions which are more efficient and effective than ever before.

In addition to our innovative solutions, we offer local support to our customers all over the world with our technical support and sales teams based in France, North America and Asia.

Robot-driven is now a reality

Strong parternship between Le Creno, Siemens and Staübli to develop an industrial robot-driven precision machining solution.
SINUMERIK Magazine April 2017
Le Créneau Industriel is preparing its robot

Innovative solution from Le Creno
Air&Cosmos Avril 2016
Nomex milling and cutting on robot

Milling & ultrasonic cutting of Nomex on our CRENO robot cell 2 in 1
CRENO robot 2 in 1