5-axis multi drilling heads for the drilling of composite parts of nacelles

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Le Creno is recognized for the design and manufacturing of specific machines. The Creno Acoustic Drilling is an accurate and flexible machine ensuring a productivity and a high machining quality.

The Creno Acoustic Drilling, is a 6-axis machine equipped with multi-drilling heads interchangeable. The machine is able to drill at very high speed with a high quality hundreds of thousands of holes in the parts of the nacelles.

This machine allows to drill, on a complex surface, more than 21 holes per second while controlling the depth of drilling without delamination or roundness of the holes. The productivity and accuracy of the Creno Aero is recognized by the leading manufacturers worldwide nacelles (more than 10 machines currently operated in Europe and in the USA).

Technical data

Axis strokes :

X = 4000 mm
Y = 3756 mm to 4 600 mm
Z = 1525 mm
C = ± 130° or ± 185 °
A = ± 95° or ± 115 °
Axis speed : X = 24 m.min-1
Y = 24 m.min-1
Z = 20 m.min-1
C = 10 rpm
A = 10 rpm
Multi drilling heads : Spindles number = 7 – 28 spindles
Power= 300 W
Speed = 60 000 tr.min-1