CRENO Drilling of satellite panels

Trochoidal drilling

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Le Creno has a strong knowledge in drilling of satellite panels. The Creno drilling process is accurate, reliable and trusted by internationally recognized companies such as Airbus, Nexeya and ISRO wich have been operated a 3 axis Creno for years. Also, Creno is currently running test on robot at our site in France with a major satellite builder.

The high accuracy needed, the brittle characteristic and the cost of the aluminium panels required a rigourous precision and leave no room for error. The goal of our solution is to drill up to 30 mm (1,18”), have an accuracy of 0/+0,03 mm with no ovalisation and no skin deformation.

The orbital drilling head can be operated on 3 or 5 axis to overcome the interpolation operation and thus ensure the quality of the holes. This process, because of reduced efforts, is easily transposable onto robot cell. Jointly with a leading satellite manufacturer, trials are being done to study the feasibility to apply the process onto robot. So far, results are conclusive and would offer new perspective of machining.

Technical data

Satellite panels size up to 6 000 x 4 000 mm
Speed up to 120 m.min-1

Hole accuracy

Positionning Ø 0.2 mm
Diameter from 4 to 30 mm ( + 0 / + 0.03mm)

Orbital head

Interface HSK63-HSK50 A or F
Collets from 0.3 to 4 mm
Overpressure from 0,5 to 0,8 bar
Weight 3.9 kg
Setting of the eccentric
Manual adjustment of eccentricity from 0 to 8 mm
Orbital rotation from 200 to 2000 rpm
Realization of holes H7 from Ø 2 to 14 mm
Spindle installed on the eccentric
power: 250 W
Speeds: 10000 to 80000 rpm
Voltage: 30 V
Maximum current: 8 A
Strength : 1,5 N/μm


Orbital drilling panels in Nida Alu
On CRENO cell composed of a TX 200 Stäubli robot driven by a NC Siemens 840 D SL
ISO programming in Cartesian coordinates


Hole of diameter of 11 mm in Nida Alu – thickness 0,5 mm



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