CRENO Robot 2 in 1

Machining and ultrasonic cutting of honeycomb panels

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The CRENO Robot Cell 2 in 1 has been specifically designed to increase productivity and quality of your products.

It combines :

  • All the advantages of the 2 in 1 process (mechanical milling and ultrasonic cutting in 1 machine), innovative and precursor concept developed by Creno and used for several years on 5 axis machines.
  • And the high dynamic and flexibility of a robot.

In partnership with Delcam, Le Créneau Industriel developed a specific CAM Software allowing to program the robot as a 7 continuous axes. With its 3 functions, trajectory programming, crash simulation and post processing, the software delivers a comprehensive programming system.

The robot with its high rigidity combined to the NC SIEMENS 840 D SL, driven in Cartesian mode X-Y-Z, brings to a level of precision and user-friendliness that has never been obtained so far. That allows to meet the quality standards of accuracy of the market and an industrial successful, versatile solution to manufacture the honeycomb core materials.

Technical data

Axis strokes:

X = 2 500 – 3 000 mm
Y = 1 250 – 1 800 mm
Z = 200 – 400 mm

Axis speed:

120 m.min-1

Milling spindle:

Power= 4 – 10 KW

Speed = 20 000 – 24 000 tr.min-1

Ultrasonic cutters:

Knife cutting length = up to 85 mm

Disk diameters = 12.7, 25.4 or 50.2 mm